Custom Footbeds and Orthotics


Ron Houser, C.Ped., has been evaluating and curing foot and leg problems on athletes and everyday victims of gravity since 2005 . For athletes, custom foot beds can eliminate pain, decrease the chances of serious injury, and improve performance. Ron has years of experience working with running, soccer, hockey, figure skating, and ski teams.

Check out this review of Ron's services from the Albany Times Union.


Here are just some of the services that we offer:

  • Our Amfit custom imaging and milling machine now allows us to produce extremely accurate digital scans of the foot and create quality custom orthotics for our customers in a little over one hour.
  • Foot/leg evaluations for plantar fasciitis, pronation, supination, hammer toes, bunions, and general foot and leg pain
  • Custom orthotics and footbeds designed and produced on site
  • A full stock of supportive and cushioning insoles from Sole
  • Techniques and tools for manipulating footwear to make your current shoes fit and feel better


Call The Mountain Goat (802) 362-5159 to set up an appointment with Ron. Please allow at least one hour for all foot evaluations.